SharpMed, LLC is pleased to announce its 4th issued United States patent (Issued on June 12, 2023). This 4th patent relates to our device called Exact™ Cervical Ruler – which was designed to measure a woman’s cervix diameter during active labor.  The diameter of the cervix needs to be accurate to guide the decision for c-sections, medications, and hospital admissions.  Research has shown that the standard method of estimating a woman’s cervix during the active phases of labor is unreliable with accuracy as low as 19% in a soft simulator and 49% in active labor [Huhn 2004, Buchmann 2007]. SharpMed’s Exact™ Cervical Ruler is an inexpensive device that goes under a disposable glove, fits on the medical providers’ fingers and is cost-effective.  Prototypes of the Exact used in a high-fidelity simulator have shown very exciting results.  “Our vision is that the Exact™ may lead to better patient outcomes if it proves to be more accurate than the two-finger approach that has been around for decades” – Chris Salvino, MD, CEO.