Scottsdale, AZ – For Immediate Release — SharpMed™ LLC, a privately held medical device design and development company, announces their IncuBETTER™ lifecycle process.

SharpMed™ understands that inventing a medical device can be, “an extremely laborious and challenging process and, to that end, we’re constantly fine-tuning each stage of our IncuBETTER™ lifecycle,” says Dr. Chris Salvino, Chief Executive Officer. “Working closely with inventors and integrating the best tools and talent are how we best overcome all obstacles associated with bringing a medical device to life,” he continues.

Dr. Salvino explains further, “We’re unique in the medical device invention community — our company is led by a board-certified critical care surgeon who recognizes continuous improvement as a necessity in patient healthcare delivery. Plus, our cross-functional teams on ‘Inventorship Evangelists’ add passion and years of experience at every step of the design and development process – we always have the inventor’s vision in mind from start to finish.”

“It’s an exciting time to be in medical device development,” says Chris Salvino, MD, FACS, SharpMed’s ™ CEO and President. “It’s a great feeling talking with other inventors and hearing how they arrived at where they’re at and how we can help them get their ideas across the goal line.”

SharpMed, LLC is an end-to-end medical product design and development that is clinically led and strategically focused. The SharpMed™ IncuBETTER™ Lifecycle Process offers inventors a unique gameplan with access to a comprehensive set of resources with the goal of moving medical products to strategic pre-commercialization acquisition or licensing opportunities.

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