Dangerous hypoxia with difficult intubations has been a major problem without a solution. Sharpmed, LLC has designed a patented device (Turbo® O₂ Cap) that attaches to any worldwide endotracheal tube with the goal of reduction of hypoxia with difficult intubation. Controlled research using the Turbo® O₂ device vs. no device (standard technique) shows exceptional protection of oxygen saturation. In the graph shown, both control and experimental arms were with complete muscular paralysis, which simulates a difficult intubation. “These results indicate a first ever practical and in-expensive device to help reduce/eliminate hypoxia in difficult intubations; our vision is that the Turbo® O₂ Cap could become the new standard of care for intubations” – Chris Salvino, MD, CEO. SharpMed is working on the commercialization of the Turbo® O₂ Cap.