Challenges Welcomed

Inventing a medical device can be a challenging and arduous process; we’ve been there, done that. Through experience, we’ve crafted how to get inventions to the finish line and get them there faster with more value. Never satisfied, we’re constantly fine-tuning our development process, so we offer you a better way to transform your idea into a reality.

Clinically Led

Strategically Focused

With over 150 years of proven success and experience with Class I and II medical devices, our dynamic cross-functional team of ‘Inventorship Evangelists’ work side-by-side to overcome the daunting challenges associated with bringing medical devices to life. So whether you’re still in ideation, have already created a prototype, or are working through the regulatory process, SharpMed offers a unique and comprehensive set of capabilities to increase the chances of success and financial reward. These are just a few of the phases your product will go through:

Clinical Review

Clinical Review & Validation

Comprehensive clinical and value assessments

Design & Prototype

Design & Prototyping

Fine-tuning the core idea


Protecting your Intellectual Property throughout the idea lifecycle; it’s secured from start to finish


Careful preparation for FDA pathway and approval


Strategic Execution & Valuation

Assuring the idea breakthrough and appraisal



Creating ‘win-win’ acquisition and licensing opportunities


Our IncuBETTER™ Lifecycle process

IncuBetter Chart

Each step in our IncuBETTER™ lifecycle informs the next and helps fine-tune the result. During each phase, we script out the filter for success and the metrics we will measure it by. We are our own toughest critics and our metrics are always high! During our initial consultation, we will bring the below chart to life so you can better understand how our incubation product development process is second-to-none.

From Chris Salvino MD

Founder’s Statement

As a surgeon, I started SharpMed with the idea that if patient care was compromised, there must be a viable solution to the problem.

Because of this, I set out with a vision that with the right team, we could focus on developing products that improve clinical and operational efficiency while maintaining or lowering costs.

Since our founding, we’ve remained committed to pushing ourselves, with the goal of staying at the forefront of medical device innovation. To accomplish this, it is important that SharpMed maintains a shared quality vision with our inventor partners, and focuses on improving patient care for all product ideas we bring to life.

Regardless of the product development stage, SharpMed™ has the passion, resources, and expertise to address any and all challenges. In fact, we welcome it!